Why Join the VFX Community? Foundry YouTube Live Panel with Josh Parks and Adrian Pueyo

I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Josh Parks and Adrian Pueyo in a Foundry Live Panel event on YouTube Live. We talk about advice for people starting in the industry, getting into teaching, how to keep learning, and the importance of networking and community.

Josh, Adrian, and I are friends and former colleagues. I couldn’t be more proud and excited to see them evolve in their careers and see their various contributions to the VFX Compositing Community over the years. It was an honor to talk alongside them in what felt like a typical chat we might have if we all met up in person over lunch.

Back in December we decided to create a space on LinkedIn to be a place for folks to share cool nuke and compositing posts. The LinkedIn news feed can be a little bit of a fire hose of information, and if you don’t save something, it can quickly disappear into the ether. If you’d like to be part of the nuke community there, for articles, tutorials, news, and questions, we’d be happy to have you.

Foundry Nuke Compositors LinkedIn Group

I had an absolute blast speaking alongside Adrian and Josh, and in my opinion, it went by too fast! I hope you enjoy the talk and maybe get a little inspiration out of it. I really hope to chat with them again in the future.

If you’re interested in checking out Josh or Adrian’s websites and courses, here are some links:

Josh Parks:

Check out Josh’s newsletter, Training Courses, and Masterclass series

Adrian Pueyo:

Adrian just released a brand new Python Course tailored for nuke compositors on his new training platform. Check out his courses page for more info.


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