AE to Nuke: 07 Beauty work

Hey guys,

Instead of doing a video copilot tutorial on the blemish removal, I noticed Andrew’s was a little out of date, and an overall sub-par example, as the girl in the video looked good from the start.I did find a great tutorial on beauty work in nuke by Stephan Fleet here:

I especially liked this tutorial because it was organized, had great techniques, like the erode in then erode out to fill in colors, and also because he quickly goes through a little Mocha technique which I thought was intriguing and made me want to learn mocha further to help me out with roto/planar tracking in the future.
So please check that out as it is a much more thorough tutorial than I’d be able to produce!Also check out Stephan Fleet’s site for more of his tuts here:

Hopefully I’ll be moving on to more tutorials soon.  I’ve been getting into some python scripting and menu customization and will be coming out with a Compositing Guru Toolkit soon.  So stay tuned for that and much more.

Tony Lyons

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