AE to Nuke 06: 3d card systems – Card3D

Output_Pipe Gizmo: (in case you want to organize your scripts in a similar way)

Here is the script I was using so you can review:
06 3d Camera Projections_ALY_v06_forWeb.nk

Here I reproduce video-copilots “3d compositing” tutorial # 6 in nuke. I am using card3d’s instead of regular cards.  Here are some Spark Notes on the video:

Recap, Things to Remember

1.) use card3d instead of card where you can – renders a lot faster (no scanline renderer)

2.) The uniform scale of the card expression is:


3.) use an axis node to control the cameras pivot

4.) premult the depth from the card3d by the alpha

5.) set merges to “also merge” the depth channel, to layer the depths

6.) us the focal plane setup in the zblur and animate the focus plane,
depth of field and maximum for a shift focus


In the “Uniform Scale” of Card or Card3d:

Type this Expression:



The Default Settings of a camera in Nuke are always the same,
even when the project settings global format changes.
The cameras h-aperture and focal length are always:

h-aperture: 24.576

focal lenght: 50


The first part of the equation gets simplified by us since it is
always the default and only changes if we import the camera
or change it ourselves.  Therefore the new equation is:



Took a little bit to figure some of this out, I can probably say it’s easier to do this tut in AE, but then again there is a lot of power coming out of the card system in nuke.  At least you can reproduce the results! To each his own.  I really hope you guys can use this info, especially the equation!


Tony Lyons


One thought on “AE to Nuke 06: 3d card systems – Card3D

  1. Hey,

    Have you ever tried creating a pan and tile with Card3d nodes?

    I’m having some troubles when trying to view them through another camera. it’s not the same process and projecting onto cards and stringing them into a scene node to view from a scanline render node.

    any input?

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