So you’re thinking about making a switch to nuke?

VideoCopilot’s 04 tutorial is about the basic after effects interface, and so I thought I’d do something similar.  But instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I’d just point you to some super useful Nuke tutorial “playlists” if you will where you can quickly learn the basic interface and workflow within nuke.

Here are some links to help you guys pick up the Basics:

for just basics:

For some broader tutorials  use this:
That page is really all you need to know, but hey, why stop there?
tons of great videos there.
Also a great free resource!

I just found this one to be handy for users coming from AE or other comp programs to get a general sense of what nuke can do and some interface tips/tricks. It’s even called “STEP up to Nuke”:

Hope all those sites and videos will hold your thirst of knowledge for awhile.  Shamefully, I haven’t even seen all these incredible videos yet, there are tons!  Slowly but surely though, I will plow through them all.

Knowledge starts with the heart.  So get passionate!


Tony Lyons


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