4 comments on “Advanced Keying Breakdown: DESPILL 2.2 – Despill Techniques

  1. Always good to watch your tutorials! Waiting for more to come…, and thank you for spending your time doing them…

  2. Just been working through your tutorials to refresh my keying skills. Great stuff and very well structured. Learned some valuable new tricks and really looking forward to your next ones.

    Thanks for your effort of putting them out there and sharing.

  3. You are a god, man 😉

    Thank you so fucking much, there’s a ton of very basic tutorials done by beginners that cover the superficial and simple stuff, but these are the techniques that aren’t really publicly available, the secrets of a true master lol.

    Just wanted to say, massive thanks for this, can’t wait for more!

    Cheers, man!

  4. Thanks for these tutorials! They are actually true life savers… Up until now this tutorial series is the best one I have ever seen on the more advanced topics of green screen shots. I have picked up quite a few new tips from here. There are scores of tutorials out there covering keying but they are either way too basic, or they seem to just cover parts of the process, or the examples used are too perfect for real life. Also, I have not to date found much quality stuff covering complex edge work. So again, thumbs up for these tutorials! I really hope that you will find the time to finish the series, and show more lifesaving tips! 🙂
    I also hope for you or someone else out there that are willing to share knowledge, to show examples of strategies for dealing with truly difficult keys like – very uneven green screens, far too bright screens when the background will be dark or the other way around, massive focus pulls, complex shots with lots of reflections etc. Hell, even advanced stuff for cleaning screens. Don’t we all hate those defocused red markers that really slowly and visibly moves into the subjects hair or face that is often also defocused?
    So for a third time: Thanks! This is the best!



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