The Foundry Nuke: Gizmo Creation – Tips and Tricks

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The Foundry has recently published a video I created for them earlier this year, Gizmo Creation: Tips and Tricks. Let me know if you found them useful, hopefully there will be more parts in the future. Thanks!

I will just grab the great description from the video the Foundry has provided:

Gizmos are user-created super-tools in Nuke, which are an easy way to package up parts of your node graph into a single group – or Gizmo – so that it can be shared across projects, teams, and Nuke Scripts.

In this video, Tony Lyons gives an insight into how he creates Gizmos in Nuke.

He starts with the User Knob Interface and how it’s been revamped, making Gizmo creation more straightforward and faster than ever before.

Tony then looks at how we can elevate the flexibility and versatility of our Gizmos by adding multiple inputs and a switch node so you can switch between inputs easily.

He also touches on how parameters from nodes within your Gizmos can be added to the Gizmo itself, allowing you to adjust things from the node graph without needing to dive into your tools to find a specific knob tweak.

Want to know more about Gizmos? Check out……

Want to see more of Tony Lyons? Check out

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Chapters 0:00
Introduction 0:31
User Knob Editing Toolbar 1:29
Linking Parameters Between Nodes 3:27
Changing Knob Properties 4:28
Speed Up Gizmo Creation 5:13
Customising Input Names 8:01
Changing the Default Input 10:50
Switching Between Multiple Inputs 14:52
Adding Mix and Mask Options 20:13
Adding Channel Options

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Nuke Survival Toolkit Release v1.0.0

I’m happy to bring you a side project I’ve been working on for awhile,
The Nuke Survival Toolkit!

The Nuke Survival Toolkit is a portable tool menu for the Foundry’s Nuke with a hand-picked selection of nuke gizmos collected from all over the web, organized into 1 easy-to-install toolbar.

Link to the Github Release page:

Link to the Online Google Documentation for full res images and gifs, as well as a nice navigation panel to help search for tools:

Many thanks to all the tool contributors out there who made this tool menu possible.

Special thanks and shout-out to Adrian Pueyo for the inspiration and guidance to be able to finish this project. This toolkit contains exclusive AP tools from Adrian and myself that have not been release publicly until now! Make sure to check out all tools with an AP or TL tag at the end.

Any feedback is welcome,